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Introducing a cure for chronic ulcerated wounds


Introducing a cure for chronic ulcerated wounds


Our Offering

BioRegentech rapidly regenerates chronic wound tissue and closes wounds in limbs which are currently routinely recommended to be amputated such as diabetic foot and leg ulcers.

Advanced wound care products are very confusing and there are many out on the market designed to assist the healing of chronic wounds. Practitioners are confused because a single product does not work and cases do not close. Instead, the patient comes back weekly to have wounds scraped, vacuumed, oxygenated… you name it… in order to prevent infection or amputations. Due to lack of successful treatment, physical therapy for wounds has recently come about.

BioRegentech simplifies the process to doctors by providing a single system with a healing time measured in weeks to months as opposed to forever, significantly cutting hospital and clinic time to a mere fraction of the current cycle. Our proprietary system regenerates circulation enabling chronic wounds to “enjoy” blood supply, prevents infection, regenerates chronic wound tissue such as necrotic black tissue, and CLOSES ADVANCED WOUNDS that are many inches in diameter WITHOUT A GRAFT.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore health to humanity by regenerating wounds and restoring the wounded body part to its’ original morphology.

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An increasing amount of patients, currently 6.5 million in the US alone, suffer from chronic non-healing wounds. Patients must return to their doctor weekly forever to have wounds scraped, vacuumed and oxygenated with the aim of preventing infections, amputations, and morbidity at a yearly cost of billions to the global medical community due to lack of cure. Global advanced wound care market is expected to reach $22 billion by 2022.


BioRegentech developed diagnostic tools, medical devices and biologics and is now able to offer doctors the ability to cure advanced chronic wounds, shortening treatment time from forever to weeks or months, at a yearly medical spending savings in the billions of dollars. A cure now is especially relevant because the incidence of chronic wounds is signficantly on the rise due to a rapidly increasing rate of diabetes, obesity and the increasing age of our populations.

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